Cannabis Code’s team of experts in web hosting will give your company the best and most affordable web hosting service. 

Cannabis is a touchy subject and we are aware that issues may arise with many hosting providers. This is why we at Cannabis Code work with several different providers. We will work around the clock to get your website back online if anything happens.

Why should you opt for cannabis code web hosting service?

100% secure

Cannabis Code web hosting ensures that your website is totally secured and prevents invasion or hacking from an external source. Data protection is assured, and we make sure that all our web projects are backed up every day.


We operate an excellent web hosting service that is reliable, which ensures that your website does not go down. A website that goes down loses customers on a regular basis. We ensure that we are aware of the number of customers your company has, questioning user experience to enable that your web is free from any glitches


Cannabis code delivers to you a web service that is fast and quickly accessible. A slow web sucks and discourages a customer from patronizing you. Our web hosting service guarantees quick access, and we do periodic web speed tests to ensure that we are keeping our promise to you.


Our technical support teams are readily available to answer any questions and solve any issue bothering you. Any problem your companies face with the web is swiftly addressed by our technical team.

Advanced features

Cannabis Code is always in the loop of new ideas relating to web hosting. We give your company the latest web hosting trends.

Affordable pricing

Our price systems are affordable and cost-effective.


Cannabis Code code guarantees your cannabis company a secure web host. All our web projects are backed up every day for 30 days. Your website is in good hands.

Web hosting package:

Pricing at $100/month. This offer includes:

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