4 Tips to Take Your Cannabis Photography to the Next Level

cannabis photography

What’s the best way to convince your customers your online dispensary sells premium products? High-quality, professional photography places your nugs head and shoulders above the competition.

On the surface, cannabis photography might seem simple. After all, it’s not like you are trying to catch fast-moving athletes or spectacular sunsets. But nailing the details of a well-manicured bud, the reflections of a glass piece, or a puff of smoke take skill. 

A professional can really bring out these fine details. From our experience working with the best photography services who have a passion for cannabis, we got a few suggestions on bringing out the best in your bud.


5 Tips for Cannabis Photography Services


  • Step Away from the Phone


No matter how far phones have come in terms of digital photos, the quality still pales compared to a DSLR or mirrorless camera, especially when it comes to up close and personal shots of your AAAA crystal-coated flower. 

The capacity of your cell phone camera won’t be able to capture the sparkly trichomes, the bright orange hairs, or the subtle details. 

Smartphone cameras come preloaded with filters, effects, and slight automatic adjustments that work well for portraits, personal social media, and your cat, but not your buds.


  1. It’s’ All About Lighting

What is one thing a professional photographer pays attention to that you don’t? Lighting. 

Lighting is almost as important as composition and subject matter. Knowing how light affects the final image is crucial to perfecting this image.

Even if you are snapping photos in a simple lightbox, the key component here is light. From continuous to strobe, hard or soft, natural or artificial, these choices determine the final feel of the image. 


  1. Capture Brand Aesthetic 

We all know that a picture is worth 1,000 words, which is why it’s so important for your online cannabis brand. You tell your story and capture your audience with the images you choose to use. 

When it comes to using product photos to promote your brand, everything has to be cohesive. Look for the best photography services based on their portfolio. 

 their samples, do they tell a specific story for each brand they work with? Whoever you choose, their ability to tell a story is critical to capturing your brand’s aesthetic in a way that speaks to your target audience.


  1. Never Skip Editing

Professional cannabis photography is a two-step process—first, the shoot and the setup. The second step is post-production and editing. 

Professionals are equally capable behind the lens as they are behind the screen, tweaking and editing their shots to put your products in the best light (quite literally).

Cannabis Code uses a combination of weed-friendly photographers and an award-winning graphic design team to bring your brand to life. With the right edits, a sharp image is one of the most professional ways to sell your product or service. 


Let Customers Into Your Brand Story with Cannabis Photography

Cannabis photography can go one of two ways. Either you show your customers the quality of your product, or you’ll demonstrate the opposite. 

If your product images and social feed aren’t in crisp, high definition, what does it say about what you are trying to sell? What’s more, if the styling isn’t cohesive or doesn’t match your aesthetic, will customers be drawn to your brand? 

Investments in a professional photoshoot and photography services truly pay off in conversions no matter what you are selling.


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