4 Ways to Use SEO to Grow Your Business


When you launched your online cannabis business, you had likely heard about SEO. You knew that it had something to do with making your business visible online, but for most business owners, it’s the last to-do on their list.

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains so far outside of most owner’s areas of expertise. It seems like voodoo. So stop ignoring SEO. Employ the skills of SEO services in Canada to grow your cannabis business.


4 Ways SEO Can Grow Your Cannabis Business


  1. Better Visibility

First and foremost, implementing a betting SEO strategy will grow your business by putting you on the first page of search results. 

Why do you want to be on the first page? Because 75 percent of searchers don’t even go beyond the front page.

Beyond simple search ranking, a comprehensive SEO plan will get your products, services, and brand in front of more potential consumers. That means incorporating PPC advertising, social media channels, and more.

The end goal of all SEO is to work with the algorithm and get your name in front of customers wherever they are online.


2. SEO is Quantifiable and Measurable

One of the best parts of using SEO to grow your business is the ability to dig into the numbers. If you slap up a billboard or pay for a radio advertisement, how do you determine the return on investment? 

The beauty of working with SEO is the ability to break it down to the penny.

If you are working with the best SEO agency, they will supply you with graphs, reports, and breakdowns monthly. How has your ranking increase for specific keywords? How has that translated into conversions? 

Although SEO strategies do take some time to get traction, ultimately, you’ll be able to make real-time decisions based on real numbers.


3. Discover New Opportunities

As you get started with SEO services in Canada, you’ll find new opportunities begin to pop up. 

Maybe you’ll notice that there are far more Canadians looking for cannabis edibles than cannabis vape pens during keyword research. This could mean you expand your currently edible inventories and pivot your digital marketing campaign away from vape pens.

You may also discover new communities of people who are responsive to your social campaigns and PPC advertising. Could these new demographics pivot who you think your target audience is?


4. Long Term Payoffs


We always like to say that targeting any SEO tactic will take a minimum of six months to pay off. Likely, it could take a year or more to see really impressive results. 

Yes, of course, In the short term, its frustrating, but give it time! 

Why have patience? SEO is relatively cheap compared with other traditional marketing strategies. So, it’s shocking when small tweaks see impressive results 12 to 18 months later. 

From structural changes to targeted keywords to blog publishing, these changes compound for real results. Invest now for long-lasting payoffs in a year or two down the line.


Invest in SEO Services in Canada to Grow Your Business


In the early days of SEO, it may have been possible to tackle it yourself. But today, SEO is a complicated endeavor, best left to the experts.

Work with the best SEO agency (hint: Cannabis Code) to grow your cannabis business, boost rankings, and increase your visibility.



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