6 Must-Attend Cannabis Tradeshows in Canada

6 Must-Attend Cannabis Tradeshows in Canada
Tradeshows practically show how an industry is working and what new is happening. They also tell what the big and small companies are doing differently and creatively to thrive in the competitive marketplaces. Same is the case with cannabis tradeshows where people get to know what the new cannabis products are and how marijuana manufacturers are getting sustainable growth after legalization.
Here are some best cannabis tradeshows in Canada which must be attended if you have a cannabis company:
Hempfest Canada
This year’s festival invites newcomers and seasoned veterans where you can watch cannabis cooking demos, live presentations, and live glass blowing. Moreover, several industry leaders will educate and aware people about the latest happenings. There are expected to be many vendors from where people can buy good stuff and socialize in networks. http://www.hempfestcanada.com
Lift Expo
It is one of Canada’s biggest marijuana tradeshows. It takes place in Toronto and Vancouver and is usually carried out for three days. Cannabis professionals, industry investors, and consumers of pot from across Canada and around the world participate in the activity.Legalized Summit
It usually takes place in May. It will communicate to its attendees how they can flourish in the cannabis industry by making profits and what are the best practices to adopt while being a practitioner in the marijuana industry. The event will celebrate the legalization of marijuana and discuss on how to remove further hurdles in enhancing the ease of doing business. https://liftexpo.ca
The O’CannaBiz event will explore the industry standards, latest regulations and best practices for recreational as well as medicinal marijuana. It basically focuses on the medical use of marijuana and teaches how one can become a licensed producer (LP). https://ocannabiz.com
Cannabis Career Network
It aims to train young individuals regarding cannabis industry and how they can get employment or become entrepreneurs in the fast-growing field of work. https://www.cannabiscareernetwork.com
Cannabis and Hemp Expo
A B2b focused event that brings together cannabis professionals, vendors, and consumers. Last but definetely not least. https://www.cannabishempexpo.com


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