Boost Website Traffic with Video and Photo Content

Boost Website Traffic with Video and Photo Content

What’s the secret website traffic booster cannabis web developers are working with these days? It turns out it’s not that much of a secret. 

Intelligent use of photo and video content has always been a critical aspect of a smart digital marketing strategy but one which is easily overlooked for more trendy traffic hacks.

Why photos? High-quality images spark people’s emotions and show validation. Internet consumers would much rather see an image of a product or service than read about it. 

Why videos? Seventy percent of digital marketers agree that videos drive traffic and drive conversion more so than any other form of content. If customers love photos, they love videos even more.


3 Website Traffic Boosters Using Video and Photos




  • Community Engagement on Youtube


According to Ahrefs, “Google search can be quite competitive when it comes to specific key phrases. But in YouTube SEO, everyone has an equal opportunity to entertain, engage, and rank.” That sentence alone should convince you to start a Youtube Channel for your cannabis company.

A second great reason to start a channel is for community engagement. Unlike a landing page, Youtube videos encourage a response. Viewers are active. They comment, like, and subscribe. That means they follow your brand, and you are always on their mind for the next purchasing decision.

An active channel with a strong following naturally funnels people to your website. A few popular ideas for cannabis-centered content include product reviews, new product launches, educational content, and how-to videos. 

cannabis photo



  • Update Old Content with Video and Photos


Ask your digital marketing company to perform a website audit to better understand your top 10 or top 20 blog pages. Choose a few older candidates from this list that could benefit from a refresher.

Take inspiration from the top SERP results for your competitors with similar pages for ways to improve your own blog post. Most of the time, you’ll notice top-ranking pages include several high-quality images and a video. Bonus points if you link to a customer review video for your product.

Remember to focus on image and video quality as well as page loading speed during the update process. Just because you have a photo doesn’t mean you should use it. It has to look good and load fast, or it could bring your page down over the long run.



  • Increase Social Shares with Video Marketing


Did you know that people are much more likely to share your content if there is a video component? Straight text just doesn’t cut it anymore. People want to see the product in photo and video formats before they click the “Add to Cart” button.

According to Explainify, a recent report indicated that video content gets 1200 percent more social shares than text. Want another wild statistic about marketing with videos? According to Small Biz Trends, “Using product videos on eCommerce sites can increase product purchases by 144 percent.” You cannot go wrong by including videos on your product pages.


Photo and Video Are Simple Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

A long block of text doesn’t translate to increased website traffic, and it doesn’t increase sales. Customers love to see the product you are selling in just about every imaginable way. Images turn on something inside the human mind that helps customers connect to your brand and the product.

Strategically incorporate high definition product images, Youtube content, and even introductory product videos into your website to encourage more customers, and keep customers for longer.



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