When are edibles going to be legal in Canada?

The Canadian government is expected to legalize edible cannabis products around October 2019, which is the next fall. In December 2018, Health Canada proposed draft regulations in which it defined 3 new classes of cannabis. These include topical, edible and extract.

The proposal also includes a restriction on the THC amount in cannabis products. The proposal reportedly limits 10 milligrams of THC in any package of edibles. On the other hand, extracts and topicals can have a maximum of 1,000 milligrams of THC in them in order to abide by the health standards.

According to reports in media, the Canadian government will place restrictions on certain ingredients that make edible cannabis products appealing to children. These include sweeteners and food color, and also consumption enhancers like nicotine. The government will ban all cannabis edibles products which may appear like candy or are packed and packaged like other familiar food products for children.

Companies working in the cannabis industry believe that the lifting of the ban on edible cannabis products will mark the second wave of the legalization of cannabis. Many CEOs and government officials have come out in support of the developments taking place. They have hailed it as the new wave of creative and exciting new products that will hit the markets at the beginning of the year 2020.

Businesses of the many cannabis companies are flourishing with this announcement as they have already geared up for introducing new products in the market. These products range from ready-to-serve drinks to vape pens. Moreover, the quality of these products will increase immensely as flavored items will take over which will give create a new industry of edible cannabis products itself.

Currently, the businesses are experimenting with new items which they will launch the ban on edible cannabis products is lifted.


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