What are the rules for cannabis packaging?

There are certain rules and regulations for cannabis packaging which need to be followed for safety and transparency of the products. There are some basic requirements for packaging cannabis flower and pre-rolls containing flower.

The basic instructions are to ensure that cannabis products making companies operate in safe and sanitary environments. The manufacturers of cannabis products should make items free of contaminants. They are directed to meet all necessary product guidelines. The cannabis products must be packaged properly packaged and labeled as required.

The cannabis products which are edible cannabis will have to be packed in opaque packaging. Cannabis edibles products come in a variety of assortments which may range from sweet candies to beverages. Some products include sweets like chocolates, gummies, gum, cakes, and cookies. Another list comprises mints, beverages, juices, tea, coffee and more.

The companies are recommended to use black as the universal symbol which can never be modified. The universal symbol can be resized but the black color of the symbol cannot be changed to any other color or shade. This universal symbol is mandatory to be visible on the label of packaging. Moreover, a lighter background color can be used for the label if the color of packaging is dark. A combination of contrasting colors may be used to ensure visibility of the label and universal symbol while managing the packaging whether it is light or dark.

The items which are multi-dose should be packed in resalable CR primary packaging unless there are child-resistant individual doses. The topical or inhaled products which are single-serving should be packed in one-time CR packaging. The labeling should be properly done. Moreover, orally consumed and edible or suppository products should also be child-resistant and it should be properly mentioned on the packaging. The manufacturers should abide by these rules so as to ensure safety in society.


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