Why Cannabis companies should not use Shopify?

Cannabis companies should avoid using Shopify if they want to enhance their profits and earn money by providing the best products. For starters, Shopify is an e-commerce company which has retail point-of-sale systems. The e-commerce company has many online retailers where payments can be made easily and customer engagement tools simplify the process of buying and selling items.

It has slowly become a home for online cannabis sales in various regions of Canada, including Ontario. Shopify app has been used after legalization last year. A large number of companies are operating as retailers in Shopify and there are thousands of consumers who regularly buy pot from the e-commerce giant.

However, using Shopify to sell cannabis not only lowers the profits of cannabis products manufacturers but also decreases the quality of customer services and satisfaction. The quality products are then sold at lower margins and the e-commerce marketplace controls what goes in and out.

Making one’s own online retailing network is a better answer. This way, one can make returning customers of cannabis products and develop brand equity. A cannabis company can grow by making online sales directly to influence its customer base. People can then directly review the quality of the products and tell effectively what can be done more.

If Shopify starts controlling one’s sale, it will be difficult for that company to grow. Also, there are all kinds of companies at Shopify with all kinds of price ranges. This decreases the value of the individual product. The consumers are also perplexed by this large assortment by which they are unable to access which company to chose from.

That’s we at Cannabis Code tell customers to choose WordPress or other platforms where you own the content. With Shopify, you are renting a shop. With other platforms, you own your website.


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